Sunday, January 15, 2012

Are you a digital dummy?

Check this video to find out whether you are a digital dummy.
This is exactly what we have seen in Tom Brennan’s class.
“One thing is certain about human nature... we’re born talkers.  Our urge to communicate is universal. And now with modern technology, we can meet with anybody at anywhere in anytime. (CBC documentaries, 2012)
Nowadays most communications, however, are not face-to-face, but Facebook to Facebook.
I can use my iPhone to contact with my friends in China and Japan easily. I am using more than 5 social medias and I check them several times everyday which makes me feel like I am “connecting” with my friends, especially when I am in a crowded area alone.  I always check my phone frequently because this makes me feel like I am not alone.
When I first  got in touch with the Internet, I was really surprised that it made my day so such shorter.
Having spent one hour online, it feels like one minute in real life. But what have I learned through net suffering? I really don’t know! I realize my soul has got lost in the cyberspace.
Oh, no!
I love the tweet  in which Kathy Patterson said, "Close your laptop, do some readings."  
Don't you agree?

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